Launch: the new podcast about writing a novel

Launch: The New Podcast About Writing a Novel

I’ve never listened to a podcast that I didn’t find insightful. Maybe I just have great taste in podcasts? Even when I was laughing my butt off while listening to Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher, I still managed to learn something from their witty humor.

  • These 14 podcasts for writers will introduce you to new books, teach you new techniques in writing, new marketing skills, and help you build a writing community. 
  • You won’t be able to stop listening.
  • So where do you begin?
  • 1. The Creative Writer’s Tool BeltLaunch: The New Podcast About Writing a Novel

The Creative Writer’s Tool Belt has made me look at my writing with a sharper perspective. Andy Chamberlain compresses tons of valuable information into relatively short episodes which are perfect for anyone who’s always on the go.

Just to give you my two cents on how great this guy is, if you join his Goodreads group, and send him the opening of your story, he will critique it for you.

How awesome is that? Andy loves engaging with his listeners which is truly beneficial to those who need help with their writing.

2. The Story Grid

For anyone aspiring to tell stories, the knowledge stemming from the dynamic duo of Shawn Coyne and Tim Grahl will serve invaluable.

Shawn’s experience as a veteran editor provides wisdom and knowledge one can only learn from trial and error as well as an extensive time in the field.

Tim provides a unique perspective, serving almost as a messenger on behalf of the listener, asking questions that an aspiring writer might need answered, partly because he is one himself. They even put their own work up for critique.

3. Beautiful Writers Podcasts

Launch: The New Podcast About Writing a Novel

How To Do Successful Book Launches: Fiction & Nonfiction Podcast

Do you want to perfect your book launches? Do you wonder if book launches are even relevant in 2020? This week’s AskALLi session with Sacha Black and Adam Croft will discuss the conflicting and often confusing subject of launching your book and giving it the greatest chance of success.

You’ll learn:

  • Should you launch during the coronavirus pandemic?
  • How changes in publishing have affected the relevance of big launches
  • Which approach to book launches different authors should take
  • How to set your new book up for ongoing, long-term success

Our fiction and nonfiction salon is brought to you by sponsor Izzard Ink.

Listen to the Podcast: How To Do Successful Book Launches

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Launch: The New Podcast About Writing a Novel

Watch the Podcast: How To Do Successful Book Launches

Do you want to perfect your book launches? Do you wonder if book launches are relevant in 2020? @sacha_black and @adamcroft have answers on the latest #AskALLi #podcast. Click To Tweet

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About the Hosts

Sacha Black is a bestselling and competition-winning author. She writes the popular YA Fantasy Eden East novels and a series of non-fiction books that are designed to help writers develop their craft. Sacha has been a long-time resident writing coach for website Writers Helping Writers. She is also a developmental editor, wife and mum.

With almost two million books sold to date, Adam Croft

Launching a Book as a Free Podcast? Not So Crazy

I’ve been in the book publishing business for almost 15 years. I’ve published five marketing books of my own, and another five books from other authors under our own imprint. Let’s just say I know my way around enough to be dangerous.

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But last year, I ventured into uncharted territory to publish my first novel, a mystery/thriller. Anyone who knows the book industry realizes that if you move from non-fiction to fiction, you are pretty much starting over.

After reaching out to over 40 agents who specialized in mysteries (and striking out) we decided to publish the book ourselves.

So I asked myself, “How can a first-time author become a bestseller without the help of a traditional publisher?” The answer: Be different.

A Novel Idea: Publishing for Free

With the final manuscript complete at the end of September, I made the decision to distribute the book, for free, in audio. My first option was Audible, but you can’t distribute an audiobook for free (for any length of time) on their platform, so the decision was made for me: a podcast.

Launch: The New Podcast About Writing a Novel

Introducing Launch, a new series about making a book

Launch: The New Podcast About Writing a NovelToday, I’m launching a new podcast series about the journey of making a book, from initial idea to bookstore shelves.

There’s a teaser for it in the new Scriptnotes that’s up this morning. But if you’re not a regular listener, I didn’t want you to miss the news.

The backstory: Two years ago, I decided to write my own novel. It turns out, I didn’t know much about how books are actually made. So I began recording interviews with everyone involved in the process.

The result is Launch.

Behind-the-scenes of making a book

Over the course of six episodes, we’ll be following how my first novel, Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire, was written, sold, edited and printed. We’ll visit Colorado forests and Virginia printing plants, talking to the people responsible for every decision along the way: editors, agents, artists and booksellers.

Plus a ton of great authors, without whom I would be very lost.

As I’m writing this blog post, I know how it all started, but how will it end? You’ll find out when I do. That’s part of what’s exciting about this podcast. There’s no way to know how this will all turn out.

Please take a listen and subscribe.

Tune In: 23 Best Podcasts for Writers

This year, to accompany our annual list of 101 Best Websites for Writers in the May/June issue of Writer's Digest, we decided to put together a list of what we think are the best podcasts for writers. Here are our favorites—let us know in the comments if you have any additional suggestions!

illustration by Melissa McFeeters

Several of the sites that made it onto our 101 Best Websites list have their own podcasts. If getting your writing info audibly appeals more to you than looking at a screen, be sure to check them out!

AskAlli: Self-Publishing Advice Podcast (

Hosted by the Alliance of Independent Authors, this podcast answers questions submitted by members, including “What if I hire a bad editor?” and “How can I get my books into readers’ hands?” (Length: 20–60 minutes)

Create If Writing—Authentic Platform Building for Writers & Bloggers (

This podcast deals with practical tips for blogging and promoting your writing. Topics include “How to Plan Your Year in Reverse” and “How to Create Viral Content.” (Length: 15–45 minutes)

DIY MFA Radio (

Host and founder Gabriela Pereira’s podcast interviews provide exceptional writing and publishing insight. Plus, Pereira has the ultimate radio voice—you might recognize from WD’s own podcast, which she also hosts. (Length: 30–45 minutes)

Fully Booked by Kirkus (

Stay up to date on new books and happenings in the publishing world with interviews and more from Kirkus Reviews. (Length: 1 hour)

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Helping Writers Become Authors (

The audio version of K.M. Weiland’s blog by the same name, this podcast will be of special interest to writers working on outlines and story structure. (Length: 10–20 minutes)

The Mythcreant Podcast (

These 33 Podcasts Will Help You Write, Publish, and Promote Your First Novel in 2018

Valerie Khoo, Founder and National Director of the Australian Writers’ Center, co-hosts So You Want to Be a Writer with Allison Tait, freelance journalist and author of bestselling middle grade fiction. They offer advice and interviews on writing craft and the business of writing, blogging, and publishing.

Episode you shouldn’t miss: Episode 212: How to pick the perfect book title, promote your book and build a mailing list. A minisode on how to pick a good book title as well as how to think about your mailing list.

13. Create a Story You Love

Host Lorna Faith writes historical romance and nonfiction. She helps writers find their unique voice, improve their craft, and take the practical steps to publish their first book. 

Episode you shouldn’t miss:  Episode 041 Writing Tips for Understanding Show, Don’t Tell with Janice Hardy.

Janice Hardy is the author of Understanding Show, Don't Tell (And Really Getting It).

 She shares an exercise anyone can do to understand the difference between showing and telling, explains why sometimes you need to tell, and gives examples of warning words that tip you off to told prose.

14. Ask ALLi

On the third Tuesday of the month the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) releases a Beginner’s Salon conversation with hosts, travel writer Jay Artale and science fiction and fantasy author Michael LaRonn. Each of the Beginner’s Salon episodes covers a topic for those new to self-publishing. 

Episode you shouldn’t miss: Episode 68: Beginner’s self-publishing salon on topic of cover design which covers what to consider when designing covers, where to find a designer, and the nuts and bolts of how to work with a freelance designer.

15. SPA Girls Podcast

A panel of four romance and urban fantasy authors from New Zealand—Trudi Jaye, Cheryl Phipps, Shar Barratt, and Wendy Vella—cover the basics of self-publishing and interview guests once a week.

Episode you shouldn’t miss: Episode 106: Pros and Cons of Kindle Unlimited Should you make your book exclusive to Amazon through the Kindle Unlimited program or should you “go wide” and offer your book for sale through all retailers? The SPA girls explain how each type of distribution works and offer the pros and cons of each.

16. Print Run

Two Minneapolis-based literary agents, Laura Zats and Erik Hane, discuss the ins and outs of traditional publishing and the writing world.

Episode you shouldn’t miss: Episode 42: Anatomy of a Bestseller is an inside look at all the pieces that need to come together behind the scenes for a debut novel to become a breakout success.

17. Kobo Writing Life

The Canadian retailer of eBooks and audiobooks runs a podcast featuring self-publishing advice and interviews with bestselling authors.

Episode you shouldn’t miss: Episode 099: BookBub Christine Munroe of Kobo Writing Life interviews Carlyn Robertson from BookBub about how they select eBooks for their daily deal emails and how authors can improve their chances of getting one of those coveted BookBub daily deal slots.

18. Create If Writing

Blogger and nonfiction author Kirsten Oliphant hosts this weekly show covering how authors and bloggers can build an audience of fans “…without being smarmy”.

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Episode you shouldn’t miss: Episode 119: How to Increase Your Sales Rank on Amazon. Kirsten is joined by Kevin Tumlinson of Draft2Digital. They give feedback on the Amazon sales pages of four books submitted by members of the Create If Writing community. Even though the four books they give feedback on are nonfiction, most of their feedback applies to fiction titles too.

19. Novel Marketing Podcast

Novel Marketing Podcast is the only book marketing podcast focused exclusively on marketing fiction. The show is co-hosted by Thomas Umstaddt Jr.

, CEO of a company which helps authors, including many Christian authors, build their online platform. He is joined by co-host James L. Rubart, a novelist who writes award-winning Christian fiction.

They cover the basics of book promotion for authors who can’t stand marketing. 

Episode you shouldn’t miss:  Episode 112: Where to Build Your Platform As an Unpublished Novelist. What should you do to build an audience of readers before your first book is released? (Plus, what can you skip.)

20. The Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast

Veteran marketer Chris Syme co-hosts this show with her daughter Becca Syme, bestselling author of small-town romance and culinary cozy mysteries. The give practical tips on how to sell more books and interview industry experts. 

Episode you shouldn't miss: Episode 65 – How a Good Marketing Plan Will Sell More Books With Sandra Beckwith covering how to put together a marketing plan for your book, what to consider when determining your budget, and what steps you can take if you have $0 to invest in promoting your book. 

21. The Book Marketing Show

Dave Chesson is an experienced online marketer and nonfiction author. He shows authors how to master the digital marketing skills they need to sell more books. A lot of his content is geared toward nonfiction authors, but some episodes give advice for fiction authors too.

Episode you shouldn’t miss:  Episode 8: How to Get Book Reviews (Two terms you should know for this episode. KU = Kindle Unlimited, AMS = Amazon marketing services) Advice and two case studies on how to get reviews for your book on Amazon.

22. The Book Launch Show

Tim Grahl is an expert on launching bestselling books. (At least, when he's not struggling to write his first novel on The Story Grid Podcast.

) He’s helped top fiction and nonfiction authors onto the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

 Book Launch Show doesn’t come out on a regular basis, but it has one episode that every author should listen to before they spend money on a social media manager.

Episode you shouldn’t miss: Episode 5: Social Media and Book Launches. Tim busts three myths about how social media works to promote books and shares two truths about how to make it work for you.

23. Self-Publishing Journeys

Host Paul Teague writes sci-fi and dystopian novels. On Self Publishing Journeys, he interviews self-published authors about everything involved in writing, publishing, and promoting their books.

Episode you shouldn’t miss: Episode 097: Ron Vitale, Book Launch Strategy Ron shares the details of what he spent on his book launch, what worked and what didn't. (Term you should know for this episode. ARC = advanced reader copy. In other words, free copies that you give away in exchange for reviews. )

24. DIY MFA Radio

Gabriela Pereira is a writing teacher and author of middle grade and teen fiction. On this show, she talks process, craft, and the writer’s life with bestselling authors, writing teachers, and industry experts.

Episode you shouldn’t miss:

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