Delete these words to crush redundancy

Delete These Words to Crush Redundancy

e*thirteen by The Hive

XCX Chain Guide

$59.95 – $99.99

– XC or Cyclocross top guide, ideal for 1x drivetrains – ST and CX guides mount to 28.6, 31.8 and 34.9 seat tubes – E-Type guides fit Shimano E-Type and SRAM S3 frame mount standards

Delete These Words to Crush Redundancy


Tangente Butyl Presta Tube

$10.00 – $16.00

Thanks to the lightweight aluminum valve and butyl rubber construction, Zipp's Tangente Butyl Tube weighs only 89 grams.

So it reduces that ever-critical rotational mass making your wheels lighter and your bicycle easier to pedal too. This fine tube is also made of .85mm-thick rubber for excellent reliability.

The valve is 37mm long and features a removable core.
– Weight: 89 grams
– Valve length: 37mm

Delete These Words to Crush Redundancy


Tangente Integrated Valve Extenders and Wrench Kit

$25.00 – $33.00

Zipp’s Tangente Integrated Valve Extenders and Wrench Kit provides you with three Presta valve core extenders (you choose the length) and a nice set of Zipp wrenches to install them in your tubes or tires that feature removable valve cores (and your spare, too!). With this kit you can change out too-short valves to longer ones so that your tubes/tires have valves long enough to work on wheels with deep rims. The Zipp extenders have a seal inside to stop air leaks, too.

Delete These Words to Crush Redundancy


Tangente Cork Brake Pads

$40.00 – $43.00

Zipp's Tangente Cork Brake Pads are perfect for Zipp wheels with carbon braking surfaces. They are made of a composite cork polymer for consistent brake response and to reduce glazing from the intense heat caused by braking on carbon.

As a result, the Tangente cork pads avoid the brake pulsation produced by residue buildup from rubber pads and can even eliminate pulsation from rims with previous buildup. These pads have a unique shape with more material in the front to improve durability and shed water.

Although the composite material wears similarly to low-temperature rubber compounds, the Tangente cork pads last longer than most rubber carbon-specific pads because of the shape and 0.5 mm greater overall thickness.

Delete These Words to Crush Redundancy


Vuka Alumina Aero Bar Extensions


Zipp developed an extensive line of aluminum aerobar extensions to provide the perfect fit for any rider, regardless of size or riding position. Vuka Alumina Extensions offer three different bends to achieve your ideal fit.
– Vuka Alumina Ski-Tip offers a hand position for long-haul comfort and speed.

185 grams.
– Vuka Alumina Race features 52mm of rise and places the wrists at a more natural bend to help riders remain in their tuck to optimize aerodynamics. 175 grams.
– Vuka Alumina Evo are available in both a 70mm (176g) and 110mm (180g) rise.

Designed to deliver improved aerodynamics by placing hands closer together to start airflow over the rider sooner, the shape of the Vuka Alumina Evo is crafted to feel as if the rider is shaking hands with the bar.

This is achieved through the use of a multi-radius bend paired with a 20mm inward roll of the bar that can be adjusted to dial-in fit and achieve an ideal position.

Delete These Words to Crush Redundancy


11-Speed Freehub Kit for 2013 – Current 188 Hub


This 11-speed freehub is only compatible with model-year 2013 (V8) and 2014 (V9) Zipp wheelsets. Check that your hub has a black end cap before using this freehub. Use the spacer for compatibility with 10-speed Shimano and SRAM drivetrains after installation.

The red freehub is designed for SRAM or Shimano drivetrains and includes a spacer for 10-speed compatibility. The blue freehub is designed for Campagnolo drivetrains. The Campagnolo version requires one 0.25mm axle washer, which is included.

– 10 to 11-speed wheel conversion can only be completed by an authorized Zipp Service Center
– Not intended to convert older 10-speed freehub wheels to 11-speed freehub wheels
– Only intended to swap freehub compatibility (SRAM/Shimano – Campagnolo) with current 11-speed wheels
– Includes cassette spacer
– Material: Aluminum

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30 Course Disc Brake Front Wheel (Clincher)


Upgrade your road bike with Zipp’s 30 Course Disc wheels.

Featuring stiff, light 26mm-deep Zipp aluminum rims, Zipp's precision 77D/177D disc hubs and Sapim's outstanding CX-Ray spokes, these hoops maximize your power transfer for superior acceleration, climbing and handling. They also boast a 25mm-wide tire bed for running wider tires to improve the ride even more and minimize pinch flats.

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30 Course Disc Brake Rear Wheel (Clincher)


Upgrade your road bike with Zipp’s 30 Course Disc wheels.

Featuring stiff, light 26mm-deep Zipp aluminum rims, Zipp's precision 77D/177D disc hubs and Sapim's outstanding CX-Ray spokes, these hoops maximize your power transfer for superior acceleration, climbing and handling. They also boast a 25mm-wide tire bed for running wider tires to improve the ride even more and minimize pinch flats.

Delete These Words to Crush Redundancy


Includes a single SKS key.

Delete These Words to Crush Redundancy


Universal Locking Skewer


Yakima's Universal Locking Skewer is a great way to secure your bike to a fork-mount bike rack (sold separately) so you can leave it on the roof without worry. It works with Yakima's SKS lock cores (Same Key System; sold separately) so that you only need to keep track of one key for all your rack-security needs.


ArmLock Cable Lock


Yakima's ArmLock cable lock is compatible with their DoubleDown Ace rack (sold separately). It integrates into the rack, stowing in the rack's arm when the lock is not in use. And, you simply pull it out and wrap it around the outside bike and lock it to safeguard your bikes on the rack.


Yakima's TubeTop solves the dilemma of how to carry bikes that have frames with non-traditional top tubes, such as certain suspension bikes, women's frames, children's bikes and more.

The fully adjustable TubeTop is attached to the bike to act as a frame top tube so the bike will mount on all Yakima rear racks. Plus, the TubeTop's large molded collars are gentle on stems and seatposts.

This Item may be in stock with Black accents or with Red, but both use the same part numbers.
Please contact us to confirm the color of product in stock.

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Single 48″ Cross Bar.


Tailor your towers – these super-strong clips come in a wide range of sizes and designs so you can precisely fit your BaseLine Towers to your car’s bare roof.


Yakima's CrossBars are a necessary component of your rack system. They attach to your towers and enable you to affix bike trays, ski carriers, rooftop boxes, etc. Strong and durable, they're made of vinyl coated steel and stand up to harsh weather.


A smart fairing that easily attaches to any Yakima bar—and just about anyone else’s—to quiet wind noise and reduce drag. – Moves airflow up and over the rack to reduce drag and quiet wind noise – Band-style attachment quickly and easily attaches to any crossbar – Secures with easy-to-reach adjustments and included tool – Available in 4 sizes; find your fit at


Tailored to precisely fit flush-mount factory side rails, RidgeClips secure the RidgeLine Towers to your aerodynamic rooftop. Created in different designs to fit specific vehicles, they have a brilliant clip design that’s super strong, easy to install, and holds on tight.

– Ingenious clips designed to attach RidgeLine Towers to flush-mount factory side rails – Range of shapes lets you find the precise, secure fit specific to your vehicle – Unique inner and outer clip design delivers exceptional hold – Powder-coated stainless steel provides maximum strength and durability – Sold in sets of four – just one kit sets up your system


BedRock Pickup Crossbar Holders


Yakima's BedRock is a set of 4 holders that give your pickup dual-level storage: up above on the Yakima crossbars that fit into the holders, and on the pickup bed below. These no-tools, no-drill holders accept multiple crossbar widths and then you can install all of Yakima's accessories to build your ultimate pickup rack (crossbars and accessories sold separately).

$588.99 – $649.00

Long, narrow and sleek, Yakima's SkyBox 21 safely totes your gear. It sports a rugged and spacious design and a smooth, aerodynamic profile.

Plus, with no-assembly, rapid-fire mounting hardware and dual-sided, spring-loaded openings, it's easy to get this box on and off, and opened and closed.

The universal mounting hardware fits round and square crossbars, plus many factory racks, too.

Wolf Tooth Components

5-Spoke GXP Direct Mount Ring

$69.95 – $79.95

Wolf Tooth's SDM® chainrings replace your existing spider and chainring with one clean looking, light weight, and stiff piece of machined billet. These come in 3 different offsets: standard GXP, Boost and BB30.

Compatibility: – These direct mount chainrings will replace your existing chainring and spider, which is attached via 3 bolts on the back side of the spider near the spindle. You will use these same 3 bolts to attach the Wolf Tooth SDM® chainring.

– There are 3 offsets: Standard: 47mm chainline, 6mm offset for cyclocross and road cranks Standard: 49mm chainline, 6mm offset for GXP and long spindle BB30 Boost: 52mm chainline, 3mm offset BB30: 49mm chainline, 0mm offset for BB30 short spindle cranks – Fat Bikes: If you are planning to use this on an X9 or XX1 fat bike crankset with a 190/197 rear hub spacing use the 0 offset ring. If your fat bike has a 170/177 rear hub spacing, use the Standard 6mm offset

Wolf Tooth Components

102 BCD Chainrings For XTR M960


The XTR M960, now 4 generations old in the XTR lineage, is an oldie-but-goodie crankset and Wolf Tooth aims to meet your 1x needs with these rings. Compatibility: – These rings only fit on the M960 crankset in the middle ring position. They are a 102mm BCD.

– For 1×9, 1×10, 1×11 and 1×12 drivetrains (including SRAM Eagle) – Compatible with all 10, 11, and 12 speed chains (Including SRAM Eagle) – If using a 9 speed drivetrain use a 10 speed chain (shifts and works well on a 9 speed drivetrain and fits the ring tighter for better chain retention)

Wolf Tooth Components

Cyclocross Chainring

$79.95 – $89.95

– Cyclocross ring with Drop-Stop tooth design to prevent unwanted chain drop – Recommended for use with 10 or 11sp chain (10sp chain works on 9sp drivetrain) – Designed and manufactured in the USA from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy

Wheels Manufacturing Inc.

PF30 Outboard Spacer Kit


This Wheels Manufacturing Spacer kit for PF30 Outboard bottom brackets includes 42mm ID spacers that fit between the PF30-OUT cup and the frame's bottom bracket shell. Use spacers for adjusting chainline. – 42mm ID – Black anodized aluminum Includes – (1) x 2.5mm – (2) x 1.0mm

Wheels Manufacturing Inc.

Derailleur Hanger 67


All Wheels Manufacturing replacement derailleur hangers are produced in their Colorado shop to exacting tolerances. – CNC machined 6061 aluminum – Black anodized finish – Includes (1) M8 Chainring Bolt

Wheels Manufacturing Inc.

Derailleur Hanger 61


All Wheels Manufacturing replacement derailleur hangers are produced in their Colorado shop to exacting tolerances. – CNC machined 6061 aluminum – Black anodized finish – Includes (2) M4x8 Flat Head Screws Notes: – PLEASE NOTE! M4 HOLES ON HANGER ARE NOT THREADED! – FRAMES USING THIS HANGER HAVE THREADS IN DROPOUT!

Wheels Manufacturing Inc.

Derailleur Hanger 246


All Wheels Manufacturing replacement derailleur hangers are produced in their Colorado shop to exacting tolerances. – CNC machined 6061 aluminum – Black anodized finish – Includes (3) M4x8 Flat Head Screws Note: This dropout can be used in place of Wheels Mfg DROPOUT-248. The only difference is the number of fasteners.

Wheels Manufacturing Inc.

Derailleur Hanger 281


All Wheels Manufacturing replacement derailleur hangers are produced in their Colorado shop to exacting tolerances. – CNC machined 6061 aluminum – Black anodized finish – (2) M4x10 Flat head screw included – For mechanical shifting systems

Wheels Manufacturing Inc.

386EVO ABEC-3 Bottom Bracket


Threaded ABEC-3 BB for 386EVO frames (86.5mm shell width, 46mm shell ID). Machined cups thread together for stability, increased bearing life, and simple installation and maintenance. No more creaking. Smooth operation. Fast bearing replacement.

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– Bearings: Enduro ABEC-3 – Color: Black – Bottom Bracket/Frame Interface: BB386EVO – Bottom Bracket Shell Width (mm): 86.5mm – Bottom Bracket Shell I.D.

: 46mm – Crank Spindle Type: BB30 – Crank Spindle Diameter: 30mm – Weight: 126g – Packaged for retail display – Will accept 24mm and 24/22mm cranksets using Wheels Mfg. 386EVO BB / Crank Adapters


By popular demand, Wheels Mfg. added this PF30 Outboard Bearing BB for use with 30mm spindle cranksets when used in PF30 frames. The two machined aluminum cups thread together keeping the bottom bracket stable in the frame, increasing bearing life and simplifying maintenance.

Enjoy smooth operation, fast bearing replacement, and no more creaking. Note: Spindle length must be 103mm or longer when used in a 68mm wide shell; 108mm or longer when used in a 73mm wide shell.

– Bearings: ABEC-3 – Color: Black – Bottom Bracket/Frame Interface: PF30, Specialized Carbon OSBB – Bottom Bracket Shell Width: 61mm – 83mm (Specialized Carbon OSBB with 61mm shell width will need additional 3.5mm cup spacers, sold separately) – Bottom Bracket Shell I.D.

: 46mm – Over Bearing Width: 89mm in 68mm wide shell (dimensions include supplied silicone dust shields) – Crank Spindle Diameter: 30mm – Tool Pattern: 48.5mm x 16 notch – Weight: 151g

CN105659213A – Target-driven independent data integrity and redundancy recovery in a shared-nothing distributed storage system – Google Patents

  • Recover without the target drives independent data integrity shared in distributed memory system and redundancy
  • Technical field
  • The present invention relates to the nothing being made up of the cluster of the independent computer system (node) being connected by network and share distributed memory system.

Background technology

During the migration of data within the storage system, the data stored in storage system must be reliably maintained and I/O (I/O) process must not be interrupted. Such as, for write operation, during moving, storage system must reliably track data Obj State.

A kind of currently known methods uses writes mark, and the data area being modified wherein was marked as such as ” dirty ” mark before write data on public/shared ” scoring board “.

In the method, it is necessary to some steps, it comprise the request of record write data, send message to each target storing data, etc. to be written and response, then send actual write operation.

Aforementioned method causes the increase that the network of write operation postpones.

Whole senior data storage areas is labeled as dirty by another kind of known as memory method. But, this kind of method is infeasible for mass data, because it needs the recovery of the whole big polymerization of data. Files-designated can also be designated as dirty to indicate amendment at file system level by known storage system.

But, the mark in file system level other places cause flag data there is thick granularity and cannot be effective to very big data file, this causes recovery to need long period to complete.

In addition, in the centralized database data block is labeled as dirty in the art-such as the outward expansion of Parascale company store in platform software-be also known.

Similar functions in well known storage systems also comprises and is such as being incorporated into this United States Patent (USP) the 6th by reference, 907,507,6,910,111,7,089,385 and 6, the quick mirror image of VERITAS volume management device (VxVM) described in No. 978,354 is synchronous (FMR) feature again. No.

the 6,907,507th, 6,910,111,7,089,385 and 6,978,354, United States Patent (USP) uses multiple row bitmap, accumulation device map and the map according to mirror image.

For the recovery from I/O mistake, the storage system (volume management device and multiple copied file system) of prior art needs central manager or by directly reading or write data to perform recovery, or needs combinator to carry out managing to resume process.

The recovery that the shortcoming of this kind of configuration is central management suspends when combinator experiences fault, and this causes the complicated further of recovery process. In addition, in order to tackle the possibility of combinator fault, it is necessary to reliably keep a large amount of metadata in sharing and storing device.

When partial write data recovers, the mirror image that prior art is adopted by the volume management device implementation of many use central databases or certain volume level bitmap heavily connects and forms with mirror image ” again synchronous (resilvering) ” method.

Other implementations use to carry out from a central position (all volume management devices) directly reading and recover management device with the central of write or have the central coordinator (such as the outward expansion storage platform software of Parascale company) recovered for driving.

Delete These Words to Crush Redundancy

When you’re writing an essay, the point is typically to sound smart while proving your arguments. But sometimes, in an effort to come across intelligently, writers take a deep dive into redundancy! Paying a little extra attention to the words you use can make a big difference in creating a polished essay.

Take a more critical look at your writing to find unnecessary words. Often the phrasing will sound natural at first, but once you pause and think about it, you’ll realize you’re using more words than needed. Here are a couple of examples:


The word currently is often unnecessary or redundant. Similar offenders are right now, at this point, at the moment, or even just now. These phrases are often part of a sentence that’s already written in present tense. For example,

“At this moment, the U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether it will hear the appeal.”

“Right now, there is currently no wait-list for the program.”


Another example of redundancy is the phrase joined together. One word already means something the other word is reinforcing. In this case, just joining does the job, as it implies two or more things are coming together—making the word together unnecessary. 

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Similar instances are falling down and safe haven. Once you start looking for these, you may find it hard to stop; they are everywhere. Even your lunch may be redundant … tuna fish, anyone?

This doesn’t mean repetitive words are never useful. When used appropriately, they can act as a way to emphasize a point, prevent misunderstanding, or convey a particular style. But there’s a difference between making a choice for stylistic or content reasons and overusing words because you haven’t thought through their meaning.  

Lora Wegman is a contributing writer for Varsity Tutors, a live learning platform that connects students with personalized instruction to accelerate academic achievement.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock. 

Varsity Tutors is committed to connecting students with top tutors capable of providing an incredible learning experience.

Our experienced educational consultants assess every student's unique needs and learning style, and help students identify a tutor that is the best fit.

This elite group of tutors brings students a wealth of experience in their individual fields of academic expertise.

10 redundant words (words you can delete)

In one of his six rules for writers, George Orwell said: ‘If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.’ Shorter is better, he was saying. Using more words than necessary to express ourselves can make for bad writing and be confusing to the reader.

While Orwell was referring to clarity in technical and political writing, there are many everyday sentences and phrases which also contain unnecessary words.

In this post we will look at some common examples of words which, in certain cases, should be deleted. (Incidentally, the term for using a word which adds no extra meaning to a sentence is pleonasm. When we use a word which simply repeats the meaning of another word, it is called tautology. In both cases the unnecessary word is redundant and should be deleted.)

1. years’ time

He intends to retire in three years’ time.
‘Time’ is redundant here and can be deleted. The sentence says nothing that ‘He intends to retire in three years’ doesn’t say. Adding ‘time’ only increases the chance of forgetting to use the apostrophe after ‘years’.

2. the reason why

The number of crimes is increasing but detectives don’t know the reason why.
For some people, ‘the reason why’ is acceptable in the middle of a sentence. However, ‘why’ is clearly redundant after ‘reason’ when placed at the end of a sentence, as in the above example. Either remove ‘why’, or delete ‘reason’ and write ‘detectives don’t know why’.

3. whether or not

I don’t know whether or not he’s coming.
This is a similar problem to ‘reason why’. It is sufficient to write or say ‘I don’t know whether he’s coming.’

4. currently + being done

The bridge is currently being repaired.
The word ‘currently’ is both unnecessary and incorrect here. The present continuous passive structure ‘is being repaired’ tells us that the action is taking place now. Including ‘currently’ merely repeats that.

Alternatively, we could say ‘The bridge is currently under repair.’

5. past experience

Research has shown that past experience helps us make complex decisions.
The word ‘past’ should be removed. This error is surprisingly common, even in serious publications. ‘Past history’ and ‘past tradition’ are similar examples.

6. the mark / the level

Turnover fell below the two million pounds mark.
It is enough to write ‘Turnover fell below two million pounds.’ By adding ‘mark’ we are simply putting a redundant word on the end of the sentence.

7. estimated at about

Profit is estimated at about 10 million pounds.
In essence, ‘estimate’ and ‘about’ have the same meaning. Write either ‘is estimated at 10 million pounds’ or ‘is estimated to be 10 million pounds’.

8. very unique

Whitney Houston had a very unique voice.
Something cannot be ‘very unique’, not even Whitney’s voice. Things are either unique or they are not unique.

9. the old adage

As the old adage says: don’t burn your bridges.
By definition an adage is always old. In terms of its age, it can be nothing but old. Say only ‘the adage’.

10. think to myself

I thought to myself how strange it seemed.
And that is a very strange thing to write. After all, who else can we think to other than to ourselves? Make it ‘I thought how strange it seemed.’

I hope you found this article interesting and useful. If so, please share it with friends. Thanks.


Writing Concise Sentences

In addition to reading this section of the Guide and taking the quizzes at its conclusion, we urge you to visit William Strunk's Elements of Style, which has had a salutary effect on several generations of writers who have bought “the little book,” and which is now, thanks to the Bartleby Project, online. (This online text is not exactly the same as the familiar text you'll find in bookstores, which was edited by E.B. White, but much of the really good stuff is the same.) We also recommend “The Perfectibility of Words,” by Robert Hartwell Fiske, editor of the online journal Vocabula Review.

Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts. This requires not that the writer make all his sentences short, or that he avoid all detail and treat his subjects only in outline, but that every word tell. — William Strunk Jr. in Elements of Style

Whether it's a two-word quip or a 200-word bear, a sentence must be a lean, thinking machine. Here are some notes toward efficiency and conciseness in writing.


Avoid saying the same thing twice.

  • Many uneducated citizens who have never attended school continue to vote for better schools.

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