6 fun science experiments to do with snow

If you’re enjoying winter holiday break with your children and are looking for fun ways to engage them while not in school, these cool winter science experiments have you covered.

From making realistic indoor snow at home to crystal snowflakes, or setting up fascinating winter labs and more – these easy experiments will captivate curious minds and keep them away from screen time during school break.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Winter Scent Lab (via Babble Dabble Do)
Set up your own laboratory right at home and have kids set up scent jars filled with familiar smells of winter.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Frozen Bubble Experiment (via Housing a Forest)
Have you ever tried blowing a frozen bubble? Now you can with this simple experiment that lets you take advantage of the cold weather to make chilly outdoor bubbles.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Painted Ice Lanterns (via Willowday)
Find out how to create beautiful ice lanterns and add a bonus art project into the mix with these gorgeous painted ice lanterns.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Snowflake Lab (via The Educator’s Spin On It)
No snow no problem. Find out how to make a blizzard right at home in a jar!

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Frozen Silly Putty (via Paging Fun Mums)
Little fans of the movie Frozen will be mesmerized with this gooey and outrageously fun DIY putty.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Crystal Suncatcher (via Babble Dabble Do)
This fascinating experiment shows you how to turn salt into eye-catching crystals you can display as beautiful suncatchers.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Snow Volcano (via Growing a Jeweled Rose)
Take a classic science experiment outdoors and make a colorful erupting volcano spew out from the snow.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Winter Snowflake Slime (via Little Bins for Little Hands)
Kids will love learning how to make slime and getting their hands on this sparkly winter wonderland version of it.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Crystallized Icicle Ornaments (via Happy Hooligans)
Learn how to make dazzling ice crystals from a simple kitchen ingredient and turn them into pretty hanging ornaments.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Oil and Water Christmas Experiment (via Inspiration Laboratories)
Show little ones what happens when you mix water and oil and explain the swirly effects you see. A classic experiment that’s dressed up in holiday colors for extra fun.

Ice and Salt Sculptures (via The Artful Parent)
What happens when you combine salt with ice? Find out how you can do this simple experiment at home and then encourage your child to create beautiful painted sculptures with it.

  • Crystal Snowflakes (via Blissfully Domestic)
    Explore the science behind how snowflakes are made and then make crystallized versions of your own!
  • For more winter craft activities, check out 8 Entertaining Snow Craft Activities and 7 Ways to Make a Winter Snow Globe.

Winter Science Activities for Kids

Winter is such a fun season to do experiments. What better time of the year to grow blue icy looking crystals or to explore the characteristics of snow and ice? If you've got a little one that is excited to learn all kinds of new things, you will love these winter science experiments we have featured.

1. Does Snow Sink or Float

The simplest things can be the most fascinating, like asking and answering the question “Does snow sink or float?”.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Source: Lemonlime Adventures

2. Crystal Garden

Watching the crystals grow is always a bit magical. Perfect opportunity to explain about snow crystals too.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Source: Babble Dabble Do

3. Snow and Oil Experiment

What will happen with snow if you mix it with different pantry ingredients? Let the kids explore and have fun.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Source: Teaching Mama

4. Frozen Bubbles

There isn't a more fun way to observe freezing of water than making frozen bubbles.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Source: Housing a Forest

5. Sticky Ice Science Experiment

Challenge the students to lift an ice cube with just a little bit of string and… They will be thrilled.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Source: Playdough to Plato

6. Bouncy Snowballs Recipe

How fun does this sound? A snowball you can play with all year round.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Source: Coffee Cups and Crayons

7. Snow and Water Science Experiment

A must do! Super simple to set up and with great educational value.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Source: Inspiration Laboratories

8. Snow Storm in a Jar

A perfect activity to spark the discussion about weather science.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Source: Growing a Jeweled Rose

9. Salt and Ice Activity

Another winter science activity that little kids will enjoy. Perfect any time of the year, but fits winter the most.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Source: Happy Hooligans

10. Melting Ice Winter Science

Add art to science. Explore melting ice with the help of colors. Mesmerizing.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Source: Artful Parent

Spectacular Snow Science Experiments for Kids

Guess what? We are on a snow science experiments kick! Guess why? We still (still) have a ton (ton) of SNOW!

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And with Valentine’s Day behind us and Easter a long ways off, we need to find something fun to do to fill our days. Our snowy, snowy days.

So snow science experiments for kids it is! We have found some really great ones. Some of these we have already tried, and others are on our list to do this month. Mind you, we will certainly have this snow far beyond February so there is no need to rush. It really has been a looong cold winter this year. Sheesh.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

But for the sake of staying positive (and yes, this is actually me being positive – I am just not a winter gal) here are some ways to have fun and get learning with your preschoolers and kids using all of that snow.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Many, many moons ago we did 6 Ice Science Experiments for Kids! These were fun and simple science experiments to do with just a few ice cubes. So much fun and learning to be had through playing in these ways. This is proof to me that it will once again get warm and we will be looking to enjoy some cold and ice!

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Snow and ice simple science experiment for kids, by Steam Powered Family.  This is a great and super simple science experiment comparing snow and ice when it melts.

When you pack a jar full of ice and another jar full of snow, which will result in more water? Even though there is a lot of space in between the ice cubes, that jar will be much more full of water than the snow jar.

Why? The crystallised water that forms snowflakes are full of air. A very interesting experiment for little minds to grasp.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Creating Frost, by 123 Homeschool 4 Me. Have you ever woken up to a beautiful frost on the ground or trees? Those days are long gone here in February, but I remember them fondly. This is a great experiment for creating frost with your little scientist. All you need is a tin can, ice, salt, and some humid air (a great way to sneak in a shower too!)

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

How does colour move through snow? By Miniature Masterminds. This is such a simple experiment with very interesting results too! Fill a cup with snow, add a few drops and food colouring, and watch it happen! As the snow melts, the water at the bottom of the cup pulls that liquid colour all the way through.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

How do Arctic animals stay warm in icy water? By I Can Teach My Child. We all know little ones learn best by actually doing. This experiment will help our little ones truly understand how Arctic animals stay warm in icy water. They will have a chance to put on some ‘blubber’ and compare how much warmer their hands stay in icy water. Simple and brilliant.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Crystal Suncatchers by Babble Dabble Do. This science experiment is all about dissolving solids and evaporation and the results are gorgeous! Epsom salt crystals are made from epsom salt and water – nice and simple for even the littlest of scientists. These crystal suncatchers are sure to brighten up a winter day.

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow 6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

There you have them friends! Loads of snow and ice science experiments to help us enjoy the rest of this looong season.

Hope you are keeping warm and having a fabulous week. Thank you for being here.

24 of the Coolest Winter Science Experiments and Activities

Ah, winter! Love it or hate it, in many places it means months of freezing temperatures with lots of ice and snow. Why not embrace the cold weather and use it to explore the world of winter science experiments? This list includes great projects for kids of all ages. No snow or ice where you live? Many of these can be done indoors, using a freezer instead. 

1. Study the science of snowflakes

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Did you know that every snowflake has six sides? Or that they form from water vapor, not raindrops? There’s lots to learn about the science of snowflakes. Hit the link below for more.

Learn more: The Homeschool Scientist

2. Dig deeper into snow science

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Anyone that sees a lot of snow each winter knows there are many different kinds—heavy wet snow, dry powdery snow, and so on. Older students will enjoy this winter science project, which tracks atmospheric conditions to find out how we get different types of snow. 

Learn more: Science Buddies

3. Discover the beauty of frozen bubbles

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Bubble experiments are always fun, but frozen bubbles add a whole new dimension of beauty. Take your class outside to blow bubbles when the temps are below freezing and watch the magic happen! (No freezing temperatures where you live? The link below offers tips for trying this with dry ice.)

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Learn more: ThoughtCo

4. Learn about condensation and frost

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Use snow or ice cubes for this winter science experiment that explores condensation and the formation of frost. All you need is some metal cans and salt.

Learn more: Schooling a Monkey

5. Erupt a snow volcano

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Take the classic baking soda volcano experiment and add snow! Kids learn about acids and bases with this popular winter science project.

Learn more: Science Sparks

6. Explore how mittens keep you warm

Winter Science Experiments and STEM Challenges

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to really embrace winter and all the exciting science activity opportunities the cold weather opens up. I’ve put together a fun and easy collection of winter science experiments perfect for cheering up a dreary January.

Don’t forget I’ve got 100s more easy science experiments to do at home and not just for winter!

Easy Winter Science Experiments for Kids

Ice Experiments

All my children love playing with ice, there is something about it being cold and slippy that really appeals to them. There are endless different ways to explore ice and melting, and all make a great winter science experiment.

Firstly, how about trying a super simple melting activity to learn about changes of state.

Discover whether ice melts faster in hot or cold water with our fishing activity. This is one of my favourite winter science experiments, but is also great for summertime too. All you need to do is freeze a plastic fish or other small counter in a cube of ice along with a piece of string. Tie the other end of the string to a stick and you have your very own ice fishing rod!

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Try some painting on ice, this is another very simple activity. Just freeze a sheet of ice and paint over the top. Children can paint, wipe the ice clean and paint again!

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

We love these pretty ice decorations. Is it cold enough for them to freeze outside without

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Play with ice in a balloon

20 Must-Try Winter Science Experiments for Kids

It’s almost WINTER! Dropping temperatures, holidays, and changes in the weather mean there are lots of opportunities to explore some new and exciting science experiments. If you are a regular here, you know just how much we love science.

For us, winter is an awesome time to do some of the science experiments for kids we have been putting on our to do list all year.

If you are looking for inexpensive, easy projects that are great for winter, you have come to the right place!

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Nothing says winter more than cold and icy experiments. I am in love with this collection of science experiments and can’t wait to share them with you! I think you are going to love them, share them and pin them so you don’t lose them. I know I did!

Okay, let’s get started.

Winter Science Experiments that Explain the Why Behind the Dinners

Winter if full of holiday parties, dinners and guests. Why not take that excitement and meal prep as a time to dig into a little science? I love these dinner science experiments that are perfect for any age child.

Making Butter | Mama Smiles Blog
 The Science Behind the Cranberries | Stir the Wonder
The Biology Of Bread | Left Brain Craft Brain

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

Winter Science Experiments That Teach Freezing and Changes in States of Matter

Snowstorm in a Jar Science

Simple science is fun with this Snowstorm in a Jar Science experiment. Your kindergarten students will love hands-on winter science for kids!

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

It may be cold everywhere right now (more or less), but that doesn’t mean everyone has snow.

Or, if you do have snow, it might be too cold and blizzardy to get out in the snow and play! In either case, you can bring the snow right to you with this fun snowstorm in a jar science experiment.

With just a few materials, you can teach kids all about snowstorms, gases, and chemical reactions with this one simple science demonstration. Try adding other ingredients and see how the snowstorm changes!

Getting the Snowstorm in a Jar Science Experiment Ready

The main set-up you need for this is to make sure you have paint and alka-seltzer tablets on hand before you get started. You can also make a small version for each child to take home, or just make one together as a class.

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Get Ready for the Snowstorm in a Jar Science Experiment

6 Fun Science Experiments to Do with Snow

You will need:

  • Oil (we used vegetable oil but you can also use baby oil)
  • White paint
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Alka-Seltzer tablets
  • Tall jar

Doing the Snowstorm in a Jar Science Experiment

This fun science experiment can be used to show how a snowstorm works, or how chemical reactions can cause changes in liquids and other materials.

Winter Science Activities For Kids

Maybe you have snow and freezing temperatures, or maybe you don’t! Whether you are shoveling the white stuff or lounging by a palm tree, there’s still winter! When the weather turns chilly or not so chilly, why not try some playful winter activities for preschool and elementary kids. Avoid cabin fever this season and keep your kids learning and playing with many great science experiments and STEM projects!



The changing seasons are perfect for incorporating different types of science activities into your play time or school lessons. Kids love themes and a winter theme makes simple science experiments and activities so much more engaging.

These engaging, hands on winter science and STEM activities invite kids to explore, test, think, observe, and discover!. Experimenting leads to discoveries and discoveries spark curiosity!

Kids are always learning about how the world works around them and classic science experiments are an easy choice.  These winter science experiments are simple to set up and use only a few materials.


The winter science activities and experiments below include both physics and chemistry which can be easily explored by little hands with many playful activities that are very hands-on!

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Chemistry is all about the way different materials are put together, and how they are made up including atoms and molecules. It’s also how these materials act under different conditions. Chemistry is often a base for physics, so you should plan to see some overlap!

What might you experiment with in chemistry? Classically we think of a mad scientist and lots of bubbling beakers, and yes there are plenty of reactions between bases and acids to enjoy! Also, chemistry involves states of matter, changes, solutions, mixtures, and the list goes on and on.

14 Winter-Themed Science Experiments | Highlights

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  2. 14 Winter-Themed Science Experiments

Explore these cold weather science experiments with your kids to teach concepts of states of matter, simple chemical reactions, and learn about the environment.

Looking for a fun activity you can do when it’s freezing outside? Try blowing bubbles! That’s right—surprising things happen when the water freezes…

2. How Much Water is in Snow?

This quick and easy experiment doubles as a super fun guessing game too!

3. Snow Storm in a Jar

If it’s too chilly to play outside, stay warm and entertain the kids inside with this bubbly chemical reaction.

4. Snowflake Winter Science Lab

This blizzard science experiment gets your kiddo’s gears turning by challenging them to think for themselves.

5. Expanding Snowman

Keep the kids on their toes with an expanding snowman—that might even pop!

6. How do Arctic Animals Stay Warm?

With only four simple materials, this hands-on experiment explains to kids why animals can survive in cold air and water.

7. Hot Chocolate Science

Enjoy a warm, yummy drink and teach the kids about the relationship between temperature and dissolving speed, all at the same time!

8. Magnetic Ice

Combine play time and learning with this super-simple and fun experiment.

9. Pine Cone Science

Send the kids outside to collect pine cones, and then watch them discover how they open up!

10. Grow Your Own Snowflakes

Forget traditional white snow! The kids can grow their own colorful snowflakes indoors to brighten up their winter.

11. Crystal Sun Catchers

This artsy experiment’s end result is simply amazing to look at!

12. Erupting Snowballs

Prepare to get a little messy and enjoy the giggles from your kiddos as the “snow” starts to fizz and bubble.

13. Sticky Ice

This intriguing experiment reveals how to lift an ice cube using only salt and a string—wow!

14. Fizzing Snowflakes

Your little scientist’s senses will be stimulated from the sights and sounds of this simple chemical reaction.

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