Ngwa National Association is working very hard to deliver a variety of affordable and practical educational programs, and opportunities to aspiring individuals and organizations willing to donate their time and learn from NNAUSA experts.


NNAUSA is currently developing redundant networks, training series, workshops, and events with the aim at providing important and timely information designed to help disadvantaged individuals and businesses effectively manage organizations. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this program. The program is free. Both the organizer and participants are prone to benefit from this exchange.

NNAUSA plans to offer these range of training programs:
  1. Digital Workshops
  2. Peer-to-peer Networks & Training Series
  3. Online Learning and Mentoring
  4. Coaching Programs
  5. Town Halls Meetings and Events
  6. Managed Conferences
If you are interested, you are encouraged to participate. But first, wait until NNAUSA executives hammer out and finetune the details of the program.

For more information, contact us for details.


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