You may be asking yourself “What is public policy advocacy?” In a nutshell, public Policy Advocacy involves a host range of activities that must be carried out wit a view of influencing policy or decision makers. Generally, public advocacy includes traditional activities such as litigation, lobbying, and public education. But It certainly can also include capacity building, relationship building, forming networks, and leadership development. This is where NNAUSA comes into play. Ngwa National Association plans to engage in activities that are intended to influence certain pieces of legislation both in the United States and Nigeria specifically.

Why Must You Participate in Advocacy?

NNAUSA plays vital role in the development and implementation of public policy to promote an informed, healthy, and strong democratic society. We constantly witness and respond to the impact of public policies on the people we serve, whether they are patrons of the arts or residents of a homeless shelter. Few institutions are closer to the real problems of people than we are. Most of our members have first hand experience with people who are faced with abject poverty and need. For the most part, NNAUSA can be an important bridge between policy makers and their constituents in the location we have greater control and influence.

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