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This forum is a place where NDI ABIA can reason with each other on politics, economics, developments, education and the future of things to come.

An open forum for all Abia State indigents all over, (Home and Abroad) for connecting Ndi Abia every where and addressing all Abia State affairs, together with other social activities going on in different parts of USA by NDI ABIA. Giving Ndi Abia from different areas a Voice in the governance of our State and her socio-economic, cultural and political affairs. Identifying problems and proffering solutions. The forum is all about information dissemination, discussions, suggestions for moving Abia State forward.
This is a Forum you will hear from North[Bende-Ohafia, Abiriba, Isiukwuato, Arochukwu] Central-[Ikwuano, Ibeku, Olokoro, Ubakala,Ohuhu,Ntigha,Mbawsi] and southern-[Asa,Ndoki,Ukwa East and west isiala & osisioma, obingwa, Ogwunogba ]all Abia with voices and different ideas.

Aba North. Aba South. Arochukwu. Bende. Ikwuano…
Isiala-Ngwa North. Isiala-Ngwa South. Isuikwato. Obi Ngwa…
Ohafia. Osisioma Ngwa. Ugwunagbo. Ukwa East. Ukwa West…
Umu-Neochi. Umuahia North. Umuahia South


Where Do We Begin? Any Practical Answers? Solutions?

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Eye Sore in Abia State. How Much Filt Can the People Tolerate?

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2015 – Interesting Year in Nigerian Politics

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