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    7. Application Procedures

    All eligible candidates will follow the following application procedures. You may make only ONE application per year.

    (a) Application forms: Application forms will be obtained either physically at the NNAUSA Education Foundation office at Aba or by sending a self-addressed and stamped envelope to the office. Only applications submitted using the original application forms might be processed. Applications may be completed and submitted any time before the deadline. All applications post-marked or received at the NNAUSA Education Foundation office by the 31st of October each year will be processed for award for the following academic year. No late application will be accepted for any given school year. The onus is on the applicant to submit completed applications early enough to be considered for the academic year of interest.

    (b) Evaluation and Selection Process: Initial screening of applications will be conducted by the local Award Committee of the NNAUSA Education Foundation based at Aba. They will rank all candidates and forward the ranked candidate list together with each candidate full portfolio to the NNAUSA Education Foundation office in the United States. The Education Committee of NNAUSA shall review the applications and make recommendations for Award and the Award amounts to the NNAUSA Education Foundation Board/NNAUSA National Executive. The Award amount shall depend on the available fund for the year in question. The NNAUSA Education Foundation Board/NNAUSA National Executive will have the power to approve, modify or disapprove the recommendations as the case may be.

    It is expected that the application process will be completed by August ending each year and that the Awards shall be announced during the annual NNAUSA National Convention in September of each year.

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    This is a great course. The application process seems to have been well thought out. Keep up the good work of educating our people. Thank you.

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