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Village Primary School Improvement Project (VPSI)
Humanitarian Efforts


One of the recurring objectives of NNAUSA is the improvement of resources in ala-Ngwa and the enhancement of opportunities for its deprived youths. Over the years, our association has tried to work towards this end, 1st through its involvement in the Ngwa Hall Project at Aba and the current NEOF Educational Awards to High School Scholars. Judging from our experience, it is clear that we are very much limited on what we could do at home from here. Even with the availability of the financial resources, we still lack the necessary platform at home that would make our projects cost-effective. However, that does not mean that we should give up on our objective of doing what we could for the improvement of our motherland, and the enhancement of opportunities for the younger generation. What this means is that we can do only so much effectively, until we manage to achieve the necessary confidence in our people at home to establish a working structure. It is in the light of this that we are proposing a village primary schools improvement project that would be sustained for at least the next 10 years. This program shall complement our NEOF Awards that has remained highly successful for the past 6 years. This project is also consistent with the preliminary recommendations of the NNAUSA’s strategic planning committee.

The village primary schools (VPS) are the heart of the community and provide an environment and venues where families, educators and community members join together to create a dynamic, exciting center for learning and dialogues. It is also the very first environment and exposure a child is bound to confront on his or her way to educational pursuit. The problem is that many of these village primary schools are threatened by long-term neglect resulting in dilapidated infrastructure: roofless buildings, lack of instructional materials, broken desks or chairs, lack of ventilation, sanitation problems, erosion of quality instruction and aggressive competition from private schools. Such dilapidated infrastructure and unpleasant VPS environment affect educational quality, and can discourage children whose parents cannot afford private primary from going to school. The statistics are grim but considering the importance of primary education as the main foundation of development, village primary schools in Ngwa land are worth saving through NNAUSA’s goal of home improvement and empowerment

Objectives of the Proposal
The main objectives of the NNAUSA Ten Year VPS Improvement Project is to help prevent the collapse of village primary schools in Ngwa land through rehabilitation of dilapidated infrastructure, or by providing instructional materials support (e.g. schools without roof, wall, furniture and other instructional materials). Support may also include books, computers, uniforms, and other essentials needed to ensure continued access to primary education.
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