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Proposal for Ngwa Complex Center in Aba

Nde K’anyi, I am highly motivated to address the issue of building an Ngwa complex at Aba, a project I believe if we accomplish, will elevate our community and fill a remarkable gap that has existed between us and our people at home.

As I think about this project, I am reminded of the following story:
On March 9, 1790, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin, “Are you a Christian?” In his reply, Franklin said, “It is the first time I have been questioned upon my religion. But I cannot take your curiosity a miss, and shall endeavor in few words to gratify it. Here is my creed: I believe in one God, creator of the universe. That he governs it by his providence. That he ought to be worshiped. That the most acceptable service we render to him is doing good to his other children”.

Ndikanyi,  may  I  state  categorically  that,  

apart  from  pursuing  and  securing
 the  governorship  of Abia  State,  no  other  project  is  more  deserving  of  our  effort  and  energy  than  building  an  Ngwa Complex Center in Aba  for all of us  and
other  children of God in Ala  Ngwa.
For too long,  we have  neglected  this  important  community  project  and  have  focused  on  personal  efforts  and individual  accomplishments.  We  can  no  longer  continue  to  undermine  ourselves  and  expect others to take us seriously.

What Has This Caused Us?
The lack of an Ngwa complex Center in Aba is a contributory factor to our lack of respect and recognition  in  the  eyes  of  other  communities  in  Nigeria.  If  we  want  a  better  Ngwa  community that  we  can  be  proud  of,  we  must  dedicate  ourselves  to  this  project.  We  must  realize  that  the honest  ways  to  demonstrate  love  for  our  community  is  when  we  stand  up  and  face  our responsibilities to the Ngwa land. In some instance some of us may claim or emphasize the help they have render to certain individuals or to some members of their families.  While those are all good, the acts do not substitute the fact that the community needs to build an Ngwa Complex that will  provide  various  needed  services  such  as  library,  health  clinic,  NNAUSA  office  and  other offices, skills acquisition center, and a multipurpose hall, etc., to our people.


The  present  economic  situation  can  make  this  project  to  seem  unachievable,  since  we  all  need extra  money  for  ourselves  and  families.  The  question  some  of  you  may  ask  is:  Where  is  the money to build the Ngwa Complex going to come from? At this very moment, you may not see it, but there lies the miracle that can only come if we exercise faith in God and dedicate ourselves to work towards this goal. It was faith that led Martin Luther King Jr. to dream big. It was faith that led Rosa Parks to refuse to stand up for the white oppressor in the bus so that you and I will sit on the bus, in our offices and in other public places without segregation. It was faith that led Christopher Columbus to set out for a journey that leads him to discover America; and yes, it is faith that leads all of us to come to this great country. I appeal to you to exercise faith and trust in God as we embark on the Ngwa Complex project. Having taken you through these details:


As President and CEO of the Ngwa National Association, and in furtherance of our objectives to unite Nde Ngwa, and in the best interest of our Ala-Ngwa, I make the following recommendations:

  1. That a befitting Ngwa Complex Center be built by NNAUSA in partnership with all other interested Ngwa organizations, private institutions, stakeholders, and individuals, at homeland and in the diaspora.
  2. That this proposed Ngwa Complex Center be situate at Aba or in another area where we can acquire sufficient land/space that can accommodate the purpose/building plan.
  3. That all funds raised today and during this NNAUSA Jubilee Convention be dedicated to the building of the Ngwa Complex Center.
  4. That member will not be levied for this project; rather, every Ngwa son and daughter will be encouraged to donate towards this project, voluntarily and according to their God- given ability.
  5. That any Ngwa son or daughter who donates at least 10 million naira towards this project will have a wing or section of the building named according to his or her choice.
  6. That our leaders and all our brothers and sisters visiting from Nigeria today organize an all-inclusive meeting of all Ngwa politicians, businessmen/women, religious leaders, Ndi Eze, organizations, and the who- is-who’s in Ala Ngwa, within three months, after this Convention, towards the execution of this project. NNAUSA will send delegate/s to the meeting to help highlight the importance of this project to our people back home.

We have sustained NNAUSA for 25 years, and we are also counting! We can also build an Ngwa Complex. It is not more than what we can do. So, I ask of us all: Let us give back to Ala Ngwa. We can never give more than Ala Ngwa has given to us.

Right now, as I see it, we owe Ala Ngwa a lot, and if we fail to build this Ngwa Complex Center, we only get deeper in our “indebtedness” to Ala Ngwa. There is now an Nnewi Hall, Nkwere Hall, Arondizogu Hall, Abiriba Hall, even Hausa Hall at Aba, but we have not been able to establish a permanent viable structure in our own city. Umunnem la umu nnam, it is time for us to have an Ngwa Complex Center. We must not fail to do this for Ala Ngwa.
Nna murum si:
Onye ga ido eze ga iburu uzo ruta ovu – ebe o gi ino akpa oku.
It is obvious and certain, by the grace of God, come 2015, Onye ngwa ga ibu Eze, Govano La Abia State; so, we must have an Ovu Ngwa!

By: B. O. Eguzouwa
President & CEO


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  1. This proposal seems to be a very good idea. We need an action plan to move this process forward.

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