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Member Responsibilities, Projects & Assistance

From the beginning, NNAUSA, as an Organization has focused on helping our people back home, uniting Nde Ngwa all over the world and maintaining a strong presence at the homeland. That is why we planned to establish an Ngwa Complex at Aba to serve as civic and business center for our  community  while  housing  various  essential  services  for  the  community.

NNAUSA has achieved the following:

  • As of 2011, NNAUSA has provided educational assistance TO 740 students in the Ngwa land (through NNAUSA Education and Outreach Foundation, NEOF).
  • NNAUSA has also assisted in renovating 22 primary schools in Ngwa, thereby serving the academic needs of more than 5,000 students (through the Village Primary School Initiative, VPSI program).
  • NNAUSA has donated 18 Tricycle Mobility (with a total cost of N550, 000.00, as of date) to some of the handicapped/disabled persons in Ngwa land through the NNAUSA Seventh-Day Adventist Church, SDA Tricycle Program.
  • NNAUSA has carried out medical missions in many parts of the Ngwa land, and has assisted our people with their health and medical issues through the NNAUSA Ngwa Health Foundation and through our local chapters and members.
  • NNAUSA has also extended humanitarian assistance to the other parts of the world through donations to the American Red Cross.
  • Among other things, NNAUSA rose up to the occasion during the Utu saga, and especially during the kidnapping incidences in Ala Ngwa, and our collective actions helped and persuaded President Goodluck Jonathan to deploy military details to Abia State to help fight the kidnapping surge; today, Ala Ngwa is relatively calm.


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  1. Judging from this list, NNAUSA appears to have made some significant achievements. Kudos to the leadership!

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