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Coming Soon! The 2015 NNAUSA National Convention
National Convention

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Group Name: 2015 NGWA Conference
Group Code: NGWA
 Hotel Name: Hilton Stamford Hotel & Executive Meeting Center
       Address: 1 First Stamford Place
                       Stamford, Connecticut, 06902.
Phone Number866.424.1266
        Rate:  Double King Beds – $79.00 per night
                   Single King Bed – $79.00 per night
Date: September 3 (Thursday) to September 7 (Monday) 2015. You will get the group rate for these days.
Member Responsibilities, Projects & Assistance

From the beginning, NNAUSA, as an Organization has focused on helping our people back home, uniting Nde Ngwa all over the world and maintaining a strong presence at the homeland. That is why we planned to establish an Ngwa Complex at Aba to serve as civic and business center for our  community  while  housing  various  essential  services  for  the  community.
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NNAUSA Members, Your Website is Live!
Welcome Message

Hi Everyone,

Your website is now live! That means it has moved to a new phase of problem finding or discovery, tweaking and refinement. As you can see, a few pages still need to be fully developed. It is intentional. But I need a huge favor from you. Can you help make the website better? We want to make the website as interactive as possible. We can only achieve this if everyone participates. You can participate by simply logging into the website. You need to register and become a member of NNAUSA Community.

Easy to Join:

You see, we have even made sign up as easy as possible. You can now sign up using your social site. Just click on any of your favorite social tool, enter your password…and whalaah you’re in. That’s right! It’s just as easy as that.


While you’re in, you can start a new forum, group, or simply join an existing one. Then, start a discussion or respond to one. Try it and see how easy it is to use. Remember, it’s yours too!


If you find a bug or an area of the website that’s not right, not working correctly, broken menu, typos, etc. please be kind to notify me so I can fix it quickly. Just copy the page link from the address bar paste it in the description area of the form below and click submit. Thanks a lot for helping to make this a very dynamic and engaging community. I appreciate your trust and business.


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Welcome Message by the President!
Welcome Message
Welcome to Ngwa National Association USA
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of the Ngwa National Association, Inc. (NNAUSA). NNAUSA is an incorporated non-profit cultural and educational association. NNAUSA membership is made up of Ngwa immigrants across the United States and Canada. The Ngwas are an extraction of the Ibo people of Abia State Nigeria, one of the major ethnic groups in South East Nigeria. We take pride on our cultural heritage and the cultivation of this culture into Ngwa generations born in Diaspora. One of our primary engagements is the support of educational endeavors including the award of scholarships to needy scholars, provision of educational amenities and rehabilitation of improvised schools. Our Association holds her annual conventions during the Labor Day weekend and we encourage you to be part of this great annual celebration and exhibition of our culture.


The Ngwa National Association USA, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable, cultural, religious, educational and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as tax exempt organizations under 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or any corresponding provision of the United States Internal Revenue Regulations).


To unite all Ngwa people resident in the North America and other parts of the world.
To promote the social, educational, cultural and economic advancement of Ngwas.
To foster good relationships between Ngwas and members of other communities in the United States and other countries


All Ngwas by birth, marriage and adoption residing in the United States of America and other parts of the world are eligible to become members of the Ngwa National Association upon their admission to membership in their local chapters. Ngwas in cities or regions where no local chapters exist may affiliate with the closest registered Chapter of the Association or may be admitted into membership by a simple majority vote of the national Council.


Proposal for Ngwa Complex Center in Aba

Nde K’anyi, I am highly motivated to address the issue of building an Ngwa complex at Aba, a project I believe if we accomplish, will elevate our community and fill a remarkable gap that has existed between us and our people at home.

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Ngwa National Association North New York Chapter Motherless Babies’ Foundation, Inc.


The Ngwa National Association North New York Chapter Motherless Babies’ Foundation, Inc., was established on June 10, 2005 to enhance a long existent commitment of the Ngwa National Association North New York Chapter (NNANNY) to the welfare of motherless babies in Ngwa land. In the spring of 2003, NNANNY resolved to be identified with a project that will provide assistance and charitable contributions to motherless babies and motherless babies’ homes in Ngwa land. NNANNY also resolved that a portion of monies/funds realized from the organization’s annual African Cultural Night parties will be donated to the cause of motherless babies. The establishment of the Motherless Babies’ Foundation, Inc., (MBF) therefore, was to further NNANNY’s already existent commitment to the welfare and interest of abandoned and motherless babies. Hence our slogan: a NNANNY for motherless babies.

Ngwa land located in the south eastern area of Nigeria has a significant incidence and occurrence of abandoned and motherless babies. Some babies are abandoned shortly after birth as their mothers lack the financial resources to support these children. Other babies are abandoned by their teenage mothers due the cultural, religious and social stigma associated with having a child out of wedlock. Other babies find themselves motherless after the death of their mother during or shortly after delivery caused by inadequate medical care. Further, other babies who turn out to be physically disabled and/or mentally challenged are abandoned by their mothers/parents who either cannot accept the child’s physical or mental condition or cannot afford the accompanying increased financial burden of caring for such child. With the worsening state of the local economy, this unfortunate occurrence of abandoned and motherless babies is on the increase.

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Ngwa Health Foundation
Ngwa Health Foundation


NGWA HEALTH FOUNDATION INC. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help alleviate the suffering of the poor in Africa particularly in Nigeria. The organization has played substantial role in providing medical treatment for all sorts of diseases. Nine out of ten people living in the depressed areas of Africa south of the Sahara still have nothing else to drink but meagre quantities of impure water, thus exposing themselves to serious diseases such as the appalling dracunculiasis.

This parasitic disease causes dreadful suffering and disability among the world’s most deprived people. The disease reappears each year during the agricultural season, handicapping farmers, mothers and schoolchildren already weighed down by harsh living conditions and often existing just above survival level. Families affected by the disease experience great loss: their food stocks and savings gradually dwindle away, they are no longer able to participate in vaccination campaigns and the children’s schooling increasingly suffers. Gradually worn down by penury, these underprivileged people find themselves trapped in a vicious circle of poverty and disease.

drac01Dracunculiasis is a disease caused by the parasitic worm Dracunculus medinensis or “Guinea worm”. This worm is the largest of the tissue parasite affecting human. The adult female, which carries about 3 million embryos, can measure 600 to 800 mm in length and 2 mm in diameter. The parasite migrates through the victim’s subcutaneous tissues causing severe pain especially when it occurs in the joints. The worm eventually emerges (from the feet in 90% of the cases), causing an intensely painful oedema, a blister and the an ulcer accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting.
Infected person try to relieve the burning sensation by immersing the infected part of their body in local water sources, usually ponds water. This also induce a contraction of the female worm at the base of the ulcer causing the sudden expulsion of hundreds of thousands of first stage larvae into the water. They move actively in the water and can live for a few days in water.

For further development, they need to be ingested by suitable species of voracious predatory crustacean, Cyclops or water fleas which measure 1 – 2 mm and widely abundant worldwide. In the cyclops, larvae develop to infective third-stage in 14 days at 26°C.

When a person drink contaminated water from ponds or shallow open wells, the cyclops is dissolved by the gastric acid of the stomach and the larvae are released and migrate through the intestinal wall. After 100 days, the male and female meet and mate. The male become encapsulated and die in the tissues while the female move down the muscle planes. After about one year of the infection, the female worm with the uterus filled with larvae, emerges usually from the feet repeating the life cycle.
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Village Primary School Improvement Project (VPSI)
Humanitarian Efforts


One of the recurring objectives of NNAUSA is the improvement of resources in ala-Ngwa and the enhancement of opportunities for its deprived youths. Over the years, our association has tried to work towards this end, 1st through its involvement in the Ngwa Hall Project at Aba and the current NEOF Educational Awards to High School Scholars. Judging from our experience, it is clear that we are very much limited on what we could do at home from here. Even with the availability of the financial resources, we still lack the necessary platform at home that would make our projects cost-effective. However, that does not mean that we should give up on our objective of doing what we could for the improvement of our motherland, and the enhancement of opportunities for the younger generation. What this means is that we can do only so much effectively, until we manage to achieve the necessary confidence in our people at home to establish a working structure. It is in the light of this that we are proposing a village primary schools improvement project that would be sustained for at least the next 10 years. This program shall complement our NEOF Awards that has remained highly successful for the past 6 years. This project is also consistent with the preliminary recommendations of the NNAUSA’s strategic planning committee.

The village primary schools (VPS) are the heart of the community and provide an environment and venues where families, educators and community members join together to create a dynamic, exciting center for learning and dialogues. It is also the very first environment and exposure a child is bound to confront on his or her way to educational pursuit. The problem is that many of these village primary schools are threatened by long-term neglect resulting in dilapidated infrastructure: roofless buildings, lack of instructional materials, broken desks or chairs, lack of ventilation, sanitation problems, erosion of quality instruction and aggressive competition from private schools. Such dilapidated infrastructure and unpleasant VPS environment affect educational quality, and can discourage children whose parents cannot afford private primary from going to school. The statistics are grim but considering the importance of primary education as the main foundation of development, village primary schools in Ngwa land are worth saving through NNAUSA’s goal of home improvement and empowerment

Objectives of the Proposal
The main objectives of the NNAUSA Ten Year VPS Improvement Project is to help prevent the collapse of village primary schools in Ngwa land through rehabilitation of dilapidated infrastructure, or by providing instructional materials support (e.g. schools without roof, wall, furniture and other instructional materials). Support may also include books, computers, uniforms, and other essentials needed to ensure continued access to primary education.
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NNAUSA Donates $6,500 to the Haiti Relief Fund
Charity, Relief
, ,
NNAUSA Contributes $6,500 to Help Earthquake Victims
The Ngwa National Association, USA (NNAUSA) Inc. has donated the sum of Six thousand, five hundred ($6,500.00) to the Haiti Relief Program through the American Red Cross Society. NNAUSA’s donation is geared towards supporting relief efforts for victims of the January 12, 2010 7.0 earthquake that devastated the nation of Haiti. While presenting the check, the NNAUSA President, Dr. Elelenta Nwambuisi Elele, stated that NNAUSA, as a non-profit organization, stood solidly behind all the families that were impacted by the natural disaster. He stated that the Association shall continue to show its concern and goodwill to the nation and people of Haiti who are still living in miserable conditions following the disaster.
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On the vexed question of governorship position in Abia State, let me remind us that since 1960, 53  years  ago,  no  Ngwa  person  has  served  as  the  Governor  of  any  state  in  Nigeria.  There  was none during the Eastern Region, East Central states, Imo state, and there has been none since we Abia state was created. However, I see a green light and an opportunity for the next Governor of Abia State in 2015 to be an Ngwa man or woman because equity is on our side. But before we start  talking  about  equity,  we  must  first  of  all  get  our  house  in  order.  We  must  agree  today  to resolve  that  it  does  not  matter  who  becomes  the  next  Governor  of  Abia  state  as  long  as  the individual  is  an  Ngwa  man  or  woman.  Let  us  also  agree  that  whoever  becomes  governor  shall dedicate him or herself to serving and bringing the dividends of democracy to our people and to the  entire  Abians.

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