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On the vexed question of governorship position in Abia State, let me remind us that since 1960, 53  years  ago,  no  Ngwa  person  has  served  as  the  Governor  of  any  state  in  Nigeria.  There  was none during the Eastern Region, East Central states, Imo state, and there has been none since we Abia state was created. However, I see a green light and an opportunity for the next Governor of Abia State in 2015 to be an Ngwa man or woman because equity is on our side. But before we start  talking  about  equity,  we  must  first  of  all  get  our  house  in  order.  We  must  agree  today  to resolve  that  it  does  not  matter  who  becomes  the  next  Governor  of  Abia  state  as  long  as  the individual  is  an  Ngwa  man  or  woman.  Let  us  also  agree  that  whoever  becomes  governor  shall dedicate him or herself to serving and bringing the dividends of democracy to our people and to the  entire  Abians.

Wishing Is No Longer Enough…
For  too  long,  we  have  wished  for  this  to  happen  but  it  should  be  clear  to  us after failing in our previous efforts that wishing for this to happen is no longer enough and going for it based solely on individual and personal interests will not work. We must therefore unite all our efforts for this purpose and make sure that this opportunity does not elude us. We must learn from  our  past  mistakes,  re-examine  and  re-educate  ourselves,  and  channel  our  efforts  with  a singular aim to install whoever will represent our interest, not just in words but whom by his or her  previous contributions,  have proven to be worthy of our trust as a leader.

I believe that if we do not divide ourselves on the question of who among us will hold position as  the  next  Governor  of  Abia  State,  an  Ngwa  man  or woman  will  surely  occupy  that  seat.  The only thing that will stop us from making this to happen this time is if we allow other interested groups  to  pin  us  against  each  other,  or  if  we  become  too  desperate  in  our  bids  and  personal interests  that  we  do  not  mind  destroying  each  other’s  character  and  good  intentions.  I  read  in Macbeth that a lady stopped (restrained) herself from killing a king just because the king while asleep resembled her father. Shouldn’t it be wise for us all to be restrained from working against ourselves or saying bad things against each other given that we belong to one another, just as we resemble one another? Nde K’anyi, ONYE NGWA BU ONYE NGWA.


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